This course is designed to cover the fundamentals of information systems, and to serve as an introduction to, and prerequisite for, a program in computing and information systems. 

The course covers:

  • basic hardware concepts; 
  • the structure (or architecture) of computers; 
  • the software hierarchy, from systems software to application programs; as well as 
  • concepts and development of the field.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. It provides advanced data collection, connectivity, and analysis of information collected by computers everywhere—taking the concepts of Machine-to-Machine communication farther than ever before. This course gives a foundation in the Internet of Things, including the components, tools, and analysis by teaching the concepts behind the IoT and a look at real-world solutions.

Course presents theoretical and hands-on instruction using the Microsoft Windows operating system environment. Content includes customizing the environment, running multiple applications simultaneously, optimizing performance, managing file systems, optimizing disks, transferring data between applications, performing file and folder operations, exploring the Windows registry, using troubleshooting tools, evaluating system performance, and evaluating installation issues.