The subject Information and Communication Technology (ICT) focuses on the knowledge, understanding and skills related to engagement with information and communication technology through a variety of elective contexts derived from work, study and leisure environments of today.

These environments continue to be transformed by the increasing evolution and impact of ICT. This is a highly dynamic field, subject to unpredictable transformations by emerging technology and requiring constant adaptation by those who engage with it directly, or by those whose lives and communities are affected by its innovations.

To enable students to take advantage of these opportunities, this subject area will equip them with knowledge of current and emerging hardware and software combinations, an understanding of how to apply them in real-world contexts and the skills to use them to solve technical and/or creative problems. Students will develop knowledge, understanding and skills across multiple platforms and operating systems, and will be ethical and responsible users and advocates of ICT, aware of the social, environmental and legal impacts of their actions.

To achieve this, the subject includes core knowledge, understanding and skills relating to hardware, software and ICT in society. The core is explored through elective contexts that provide the flexibility needed to accommodate new technology, and the wide range of interests and abilities of the students who study it. A course of study in Information and Communication Technology can establish a basis for further education and employment in many fields especially the fields of ICT operations, help desk, sales support, digital media support, office administration, records and data management, and call centres.